Pedro Creek Wetlands

The SWAMP team was hard at it today exploring wetlands in the Pedro Creek area. We sampled a high bench and mid bench flooplain forest and a willow-alder swamp. We identified over 50 species of vascular plants, and have a pile in the office to ID using floras and a dissecting microscope. Of interest were several species of sedges (Carex sp.) that need to be keyed out in addition to several that were easy to ID in the field (Carex aurea, C. aquatilis, C. interior (?), C. lenticularis var. limnophila, and C. utriculata) one Eleocharis sp. that has the potential to be a rare species, common mare’s-tail (Hippuris vulgaris) and a giant pin cherry! The cherry tree was over 15 metres tall and had a diameter of 25cm.

It was great to get out and put in the first plots of the 2015 season, and to beat floodwaters and mosquitoes!

IMG_2781 IMG_2797

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