Benthic sampling underway

We have had a great start to the invertebrate component of SWAMP.  Darcie Quamme of Integrated Ecological Research, Rhia MacKenzie and Tysen Ehlers carried out the field assessment and benthic sampling for four sites including: Upper Winlaw (2 sites), Schneider’s cattail marsh, and a site near Fomi’s just off the Rails to Trails.  Tyson and Ryan Durand have been a big help with the plant identifications and Rhia and Darcie are getting into the swing of things.  We are excited to collect the water/sediment samples next week at these sites and continue benthic invertebrate collection at other sites including upper Pedro.  Visit our new page, Bioassessment to see what this is all about!

Giant Waterbug eating a frog.

Giant Waterbug eating a frog

Darcie Quamme also took South Nelson School out to Grohman Narrows Wetland for a morning of exploring wetland invertebrates.  Highlights included observing long-toed salamander larvae, turtles, dragonflies, mayflies, damselflies, common backswimmers, and caddisflies that made cases out of wetland plants.

Outreach day in South Nelson

Outreach day in South Nelson for Grades 4/5

Data form - Outreach day at South Nelson.

Data form – Outreach day at South Nelson.


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